As a medical doctor or a medic, especially in Nigeria, the society somewhat regards you as an extraordinary being. By passing the entrance exams or mentioning you are in a medical school, everyone already expects you to have answers to all their health-related questions. Technically, it is difficult to not have the belief that youContinue reading “TOOLS FOR A SUCCESSFUL MEDICAL PRACTICE”

Teaching with Empathy: My opinion

Earlier today I was conversing with a friend about his secondary education. He explained that during his JSS2, he once came to school late and was asked to close up a deep pit with his fellow latecomers after which they were compelled to sign an undertaken that if they ever came late to school againContinue reading “Teaching with Empathy: My opinion”

From a confused “feminist”

Honestly I don’t understand feminism of today.I used to think feminists advocate for political, economic and social equality of both sexes.( For instance, females being allowed to go to school, study whatever course they want and are qualified to study, being employed by industries based on their competence rather than their gender, getting to playContinue reading “From a confused “feminist””

A piece for all those who are on the verge of committing suicide. I call it ‘THE NOTE WITHOUT A TITLE’

Before you pull that trigger, Before you drink that poison, Before you trip that stool, Before you make that final move that ends your life, Just stop for a minute ………. Think about your wife/husband/that person you have promised to spend your life with, so you just wanna leave them? Is this the happiness youContinue reading “A piece for all those who are on the verge of committing suicide. I call it ‘THE NOTE WITHOUT A TITLE’”

It’s Valentine’s Day

It’s 14th February, a day dedicated to commemorate the Death of St. Valentine. Everywhere aroud the world, people share gifts, flowers just to celebrate this saint, but who exactly is this saint and why is he celebrated? A myth explains that St. Valentine was a priest around 270 A.D. who secretly married young Couples againstContinue reading “It’s Valentine’s Day”

JAC declare UNN matriculation as illegal

The Joint Action Committee (JAC) of Nigerian universities have stated that the 44th Matriculation of University of Nigeria Nsukka which held yesterday saturday 10th February, was unlawful. For the past two months, SSANU, NATS AND NASU that all make up JAC have been on strike over non payment of allowances, it is alleged that UNNContinue reading “JAC declare UNN matriculation as illegal”