From a confused “feminist”

Honestly I don’t understand feminism of today.
I used to think feminists advocate for political, economic and social equality of both sexes.( For instance, females being allowed to go to school, study whatever course they want and are qualified to study, being employed by industries based on their competence rather than their gender, getting to play leadership roles as long as they are fit for it, speaking against female genital mutilation, encouraging females to fend for themselves and not solely depend on their husbands down to as little as preaching taking their guys on dates or proposing splitting of bills etc). I am the kind of person that would stand up for anyone irrespective of gender if I notice you have been standing for long.

I believe in sharing activities based on strength and health, you may say guys are naturally stronger, I won’t disagree, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t females who are stronger than males or that males can’t get tired, so why not share the work in a way that no one would be more fatigued than the other? That aside, You would never hear a vast majority of today’s “feminists” clamouring for any of these, you’d only see them appearing where men are shamed or where it only fully benefits females. They’d readily jump on boats shaming/bullying their fellow females for having opinions or for speaking up against male oppression/injustice.

We need to learn to differentiate between opportunism, toxic feminism, mere stupidity from “regular” feminism.
If being a feminist is turning you to a bully, stopping you from being a “meninist” or a “humanist” then you should really have a rethink.

5 thoughts on “From a confused “feminist”

  1. Good one! I love your view on feminism. If all of the so called feminists reason this way, it would have been a better world.


  2. I advocated for feminism, I even made a painting specifically for women to realise the unique strength in them, until I began to notice the toxic ideology being spread like wild fire by frustrated/lazy female folks, then I began to thread with caution. The way they declare men as enemy is appalling, yet they have a dad and brothers at home. Such is expected, tho’ because in any belief system there are extremists.
    I usually summaries this unfortunate turn of feminism as follows: “These set of women want to take the benefits due for men without the responsibilities that comes with being a man”
    Each gender has unique benefits due for them.
    I don’t argue with this set of females I rather pity them. I pity them because they unknowingly demonstrate inferiority complex by wanting the attributes of a man when they are even more a refinded human than what men is. If any female wants to know the powers within them, pick this book, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. From this book you will understand that the female folks are literally the fuel that runs the world, men are just machines.
    This your article, Claire, is a concise note of what feminism should be. And I am glad it’s coming from a female. Those who understand the uniqueness of female gender use it well.

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