Tuesday Afternoon Rants

Last night and this morning we have been going to and fro over a couple that broke up two months ago. While the girl was acting all matured about it, the guy was busy dropping childish, unnecessary comments below every post concerning her. She kept calm about everything until a blog carried her matter and twitter-ng ended up blowing everything out of proportion.

While going through the comments on this matter, I picked up a lot. 1)The world pretends to care about you just to be up-to-date on what is happening in your life, deep down they don’t really care about you or your mental health. They can go as far as switching sides just to ensure they gain the engagement which is majorly what they are after. Hence the importance of keeping your life private, they are not happy for you and they’d gloat when things don’t work out.

2) People who are in worse situation will dish out advice and act like they are professional in that area, when in reality they can’t even handle their own difficulties. Everyone seems to be experts in other people’s matters. What about removing the log in your eye first?

3) In all you do, make sure your competition is yourself, strive to be better than who you were yesterday, don’t envy people, don’t envy friends, influencers, or all those virtual role models, sometimes they don’t all always have it all together. Ask yourself when you post about your life, do you post your losses? Point remains we don’t have it all together, so focus mainly on yourself and stop putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.

4) Anyone can break your trust. Those people you can do anything for can go any lenght just to spite you, some will use your past against you. In all your dealing with people keep this in mind

In conclusion, I hope both parties heal and grow up.

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