A piece for all those who are on the verge of committing suicide. I call it ‘THE NOTE WITHOUT A TITLE’

Before you pull that trigger,
Before you drink that poison,
Before you trip that stool,
Before you make that final move that ends your life,
Just stop for a minute ……….

Think about your wife/husband/that person you have promised to spend your life with, so you just wanna leave them? Is this the happiness you promised them? They left you? Is that why you want to kill yourself?

OKAY!! Think about your friends, the ones you drink with, the ones you game with, shop with, the ones you attend classes with. Ever imagined what their lives would be without you? Ever considered how terrified they would be and how guilty they would feel?
But you don’t have friends!!

You do have parents right? They have struggled to raise you into who you’ve become, they didn’t buy that outfit they liked because you needed new school shoes. Is this how you wanna pay them back? You wanna make them objects of ridicule?
Did you ever think about that priceless smile they have on when you come around, when you buy them gifts? You suddenly want to wipe off that smile off their faces, do they really deserve that.
They left you alone?
What about your siblings, how would they live without you? They will be fine? Then why don’t believe you can be fine too?

You probably think what you are going through is unimaginable, and no one understands. Believe me, people have experienced what ever it is you are experiencing now and even worse. At the end of the day, they got better and stronger. Whatever you think you are going through will pass, i promise. Trust me on this one, it is just a matter of time.

You matter to the world,
You are needed,
That random guy you gave up your seat for in the bank needs you, that simple act of kindness you showed the old lady at the mall probably meant the world to her, she probably even blessed you, so you just want to miss that, you just want take you away from the world?

Your children/unborn children need you to encourage them to become great people, the fathers of great men probably never expected their children would become great someday, your children may change the world, do you want to take that away from the world?

If you are still not convinced,
Please just stay alive for me
I need you.


Depression is real.

You can get help, and you can be helped

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