Ever looked up in the sky and wondered what is hidden beneath?
Ever wondered why the sky is blue?
Why not pink, why not purple?

Ever looked at the stars and imagine what happens up there?
Are there aliens that live there?
Do they have families and children with teddies?
Do they have dogs and ants?
Or are they just tiny sparkly lights?

Why are we on Earth?
Why not Mars, or Jupiter?
Why is there more water than land?

Why do fishes live in water, birds on trees?
Why are elephants big and why do lions roar?
Why does nought live in fire?
Do trees feel pain when we pluck their leaves?
Why are some flowers beautiful and others are not?

Why do we walk about, why aren’t we fixed to the ground?
Why do we have to grow up?
We forever could remain children, or be born as adults.
Why are some rich and others poor?
Why do we fall sick?

Out, under the stars, I sit, asking these questions
These questions to which I have got no answers to
Hoping I’ll someday find answers written on the sky.


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