It’s Valentine’s Day

It’s 14th February, a day dedicated to commemorate the Death of St. Valentine.

Everywhere aroud the world, people share gifts, flowers just to celebrate this saint, but who exactly is this saint and why is he celebrated?

A myth explains that St. Valentine was a priest around 270 A.D. who secretly married young Couples against the rules of the then Emperor who ruled Rome, Claudius II.

Claudius believed that young men were better soldiers if they were not married, and subsequently outlawed marriage.

When St Valentine was found out, he was imprisoned and was later put to death.

There are still several other myths about St. Valentine but I would not go into all that.

Today is a day to celebrate Love. So let’s all show love to those that deserve it, and by that I mean everyone.

Let’s impact in the life of everyone around us, so as we are getting gifts for our family and loved ones, we should remember all those who have not got families, or loved ones-the beggars on the streets, the Motherless, the destitutes- whatever form of love we show them today will go a long way.

Spread love everywhere you go.

Happy Valentine’s day.

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